Password Slug

About Us

Hey, we’re Rick and Tom, two Silicon Valley geeks with over 40 years of combined experience in the tech industry. Like millions of others we enjoy the convenience of using a password manager to quickly log in to our accounts. However, we were frustrated with having to change our passwords whenever there was news of a data breach at the password management company we were using. After awhile we got fed up and went to do something about it. Out of this effort came Password Slug, a companion for your password manager that we wished we had from the beginning. With our browser extension you’ll never have to touch the passwords in your password manager again.

How does Password Slug accomplish this? By splitting your password into two portions: the portion that is stored by your password manager, and a portion—the “slug”—that is stored separately by the extension. Whenever your password manager autofills the password field, Password Slug automatically adds the slug, and together these two portions form the complete password. This means that even if the passwords stored in your password manager are stolen, the hackers would only have part of the password, which would get rejected and they’d move on to the next target. Now you can continue to use your password manager even if it gets hacked, and sleep better at night while using it.

Thanks for checking us out. We hope you’ll give us a try and see how Password Slug can make your online life a little bit safer!

Rick & Tom